W is for Wylde World

Hello again! For today’s A to Z Blog Challenge post, I’ll talk a little about the world in my upcoming paranormal romance, Capturing the Wylde Wolf.

The novel will take place through the POV of two main characters: Katarina (Kat) Wylde and Evan Mason. Kat is an 18-year-old with social anxiety who moves in with her Aunt Grace (and papillon Cthulhu) so she can attend college there. Evan reluctantly leads a nearby ragtag pack of wolf shifters. When Kat is attacked by Sabre, a young but nasty vampire, Evan saves her life, but there’s nothing he can do to save his soul mate from turning into that which almost killed her.

This is a paranormal romance between a human young woman and a wolf shifter. They must deal with Kat’s inevitable transformation, all while being hunted by the vampire who turned her.

This is a contemporary novel (set in present day).

The bulk of the story takes place in Wisconsin, mostly at Aunt Grace’s house or at the pack house. The other main setting is just outside Chicago at the Mikill Clan vampire house.

I wanted to tell a story using classic paranormal beings (vampires and werewolves/shifters) who meet the genre needs while subverting some of the common tropes that I don’t necessarily care for because they could be harmful to young or otherwise easily influenced individuals.

After years of testing different methods, I personally find an outlining system works best for me. While I lean harder into the plotter side, I don’t necessarily plot every little detail—that’s basically writing the book. I like to cover certain ground at a bare minimum to help prevent the blockage of staring at a blank page with no idea of what comes next.


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