Character Spotlight: Laszlo Raithencor

We have arrived at Day 12 of the A to Z Blog Challenge, where the goal is to post every day in the month of Aoril, except for Sundays. That leaves 26 days – equal to the number of letters in the Modern English alphabet. So each day, you’re challenged to write a post based on consecutive letters of the alphabet, preferably associated with a singular theme, though it’s not required.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know my focus has been the paranormal fiction genre. Today, I have another character spotlight (3 in a row!) from my upcoming novel, Capturing the Wylde Wolf. Some of the information in these highlights will be revealed in the books (this will be a duology), but some information will only be found here in my blog! Keep in mind that I can only share so much without spoilers, but you can find out more by reading the books when they come out!

Laszlo is the first vampire we’ve discussed in this April’s blog challenge. He is a pureblood, and we all know what that often means—he thinks he’s superior to all other lifeforms.

To his credit, even amongst his fellow vamps, he is exceedingly strong, fast, and cunning. His family has headed the Mikill Clan since they conquered the previous rulers in 984 AD. Of Viking descent, Laszlo’s ancestors traced back to Sweden, but after dangerous conflicts over the years, they sailed across the Atlantic and settled in Greenland, looking to reestablish their power. As time went on, they traveled through Canada and eventually, in the 1300s, settled near modern-day Chicago. They created the last name of Raithencor for themselves and developed a long-lasting foothold through the centuries.

No one in the Mikill Clan knows exactly how old Laszlo is, but rumors place him somewhere near 200, give or take a few decades. Even purebloods, with their extended lifespans, have never been recorded living past 250 years of age—with one exception. Laszlo’s grandfather, Arne, who died at 262.

Laszlo’s nephew died soon after starting a family, and Laszlo took the young baby in. He and his wife, Delyse, had two previous children of their own, so the new baby was simply assigned to the governess to raise with the others. Their son, Bragi, was the oldest and next in line to be ruler. Following him in line was his sister, Nailah, and finally, Sabre, the adopted boy.

Though the governess took care of the children a vast majority of the time, she did so under specific direction from the parents. Laszlo insisted on strict discipline, high-level schooling, and militaristic training for all of the children. He led his immediate family and extended clan as a king would have ruled hundreds of years prior. Some disapproved of his medieval-like lifestyle, thinking their clan better served by more modern methods, but few dared speak of it.

Laszlo leads with an old-fashioned iron fist, but he’s more than willing to use modern technology to get what he wants – especially in the ways of discipline and torture.


Unfortunately, that is all I can share at this time! Here’s a little bio info below.

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’2”

Build: Average+

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair color: Platinum blond (long & straight)

Eye color: Ice blue

Personality: Harsh, shows little emotion, strict, his way or else, cunning, secretive

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