Character Spotlight: Kat Wylde

It’s a big day, friends! Day 12 of the A to Z Blog Challenge brings us to letter K – and that means we’re going to take a look at our FMC (female main character) in my upcoming paranormal romance novel, Capturing the Wylde Wolf. Unfortunately, I can only say so much without providing spoilers!

Katarina Wylde is only called by her given name when she’s in trouble. The rest of the time, she goes by Kat. She was born and raised in Massachusetts and had only ever left the state to visit family or go on vacation . . . with family. Though a part of her wanted to travel the world and see all the touristy hot-spots, she knew that would likely never happen. Not because she was lazy or didn’t think she could ever afford it if she worked hard. Simply put, she was afraid.

Not only did Kat suffer from a bit of general anxiety, but she had been diagnosed with social anxiety two years earlier. Finding out had actually been a huge relief. For the longest time, she just thought something was wrong with her, that she was broken. But once Kat learned that there were lots of other people like her, she started trying to cope with it by learning everything about social anxiety. While she’d made good steps in the right direction, she had a long way to go.

When summer break between sophomore and junior year of high school came around and Kat still hadn’t decided on a career path, let alone a college, her parents made it clear that she needed to have a plan by the time school started again in the fall so she could begin taking steps toward it. The problem was, Kat couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do for the rest of her life—after all, she was just a kid. How was she supposed to make some life-altering decision like that? With her anxiety through the roof, she settled on just following on her dad’s footsteps as an engineer. Even though she had no interest in it, she knew the pay could be good. Besides, it would make her parents happy.

However, her decision came with a side bonus that she planned on using to her advantage. Though she was terrified of going to college, Kat knew she would have to learn to deal with all new people in her life. But if that was the case no matter what college she went to, then she might as well use the opportunity to get out from under her parent’s thumbs for a while. She would go live with her Aunt Grace in Wisconsin (whom she was very close with) and attend school at the College of Engineering, one of the colleges who had sent her an acceptance letter.

Kat moved mid-summer after graduation to familiarize herself with the area. Her cousin had moved out the year before and was attending university overseas, so Kat would be staying in her room. Not long after she got settled into a bit if a routine with her aunt, she started noticing a very attractive guy when they were running errands or just out for the day.

It was so odd how they kept running into each other, but neither one of them ever spoke to each other. All Kat knew was that she frequently caught him looking at her—but she only knew that because she kept looking at him. She would never have the courage to initiate conversation with him, and she hoped he would talk to her first while equally hoping he never would.

Whenever she saw him, it seemed as though electricity crackled in the air. Some weird static that seeped into her nerves, making her skin tingle. Instead of admitting to the weird pull she felt, Kat simply went home and buried herself in pop culture horror or fantasy movies.

The only other option was . . . to talk to him. Unthinkable!


Because of potential spoilers, I must bring this brief backstory to a close. But I have put a little bio info below as a final tidbit.

Age: 18

Height: 5’4”

Build: Average

Weight: 127 lbs

Hair color: Light brown (medium-length & straight)

Eye color: Brown with hints of green

Personality: Smart, quiet, witty, anxious, loves horror flicks and movies, determined but not always able to overcome the fear in her way

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