H is for Hybrids

Hello, friends! Welcome to Day 8 of the A to Z Blog Challenge. Today, I want to take a short trip into the realm of hybrids in fiction.

For clarity, the type of hybrids I’m referring to in this particular post is the offspring of parents who are of different species (for example, a human and a shifter, or a demon and a fae).

In the world of my upcoming paranormal romance, Capturing the Wylde Wolf, hybrids are incredibly rare. The nature of their mixed genetics means very few babies survive long enough to be born, and of those that do, most will die soon after birth. But that only covers the natural deaths . . .

Strangely, some hybrids are born with none of the powers of their parents, almost as if the two sides cancel each other out. On the flip side, some not only have the abilities of both parents, but they are significantly amplified. This makes these hybrids extremely powerful—and potentially very dangerous.

Those in charge of packs, clans, covens, and any other group of beings had no desire to see their authority challenged by someone who could be substantially stronger than them. Many individual sects banned inter-species relationships altogether, but most had no problems with these relationships, so long as there were no offspring produced.

This does not apply to shifters of one animal type being with shifters of another animal type—for example, a coyote shifter and a panther shifter. Their offspring will end up being one or the other, with some having the rare ability to shift into both types of animals.

Unfortunately, when a hybrid pregnancy is discovered, the parents are often attacked by unknown assailants set on terminating the entire family. If, by chance, the baby is born and lives, the family goes into hiding to protect themselves. Attempts at sanctuaries have been made, but all were destroyed by those against hybrids whenever they popped up. There are rumors of secret groups that help these parents, but they are experts at remaining hidden, so few have ever been found.

The Coalition for Hybrid Rights (The CHR) still protest, and their followers and supporters are many, but as long as those opposed remain in power, very little progress will be made. Until then, those hybrid children who live to become adults will have to keep a low profile or risk forfeiting their lives.


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