Character Spotlight: Sabre Raithencor

Day 22 (sorta) of the A to Z Blog Challenge is here, and today’s topic is the main vampire antagonist of my upcoming paranormal romance, Capturing the Wylde Wolf. Please keep in mind that I can only share so much information while avoiding spoilers, but you can find out more when the book releases! Also, he’ll be getting his very own novella!

Sabre was born to parents he would never meet, and he would only come to learn about them when he was older. When he was less than a year old, his parents were brutally murdered in their home. They managed to hide him when the intruders broke in, saving his life.

When the vampiric infant was discovered, one of Sabre’s relatives (his father’s uncle) took him in. The man, Laszlo, was not the affectionate sort, nor was his wife, Delyse. Their children, Bragi the eldest son and Nailah his younger sister, were next in line to rule over the ancient Mikill Clan, but Sabre would take over if anything happened to the others. He was raised by the governess along with the other two children, gaining a proper education, learning to rule, and perfecting military-like training.

Sabre would later learn of his parentage from Delyse when she came to his room on his 18th birthday. The only information he’d been provided before claimed that his father was a weak man too easily persuaded by a floozy who got pregnant and was responsible for their deaths. What he learned from Delyse that night set him on a new course.

Shortly after Sabre graduated high school, he made his first unauthorized kill—one that he would be punished for. Though he’d taken lives before in training, he’d never killed without direct orders from his father. But this time, he did so in a moment of rage, killing one and escaping the other. The injuries he sustained healed quickly, but they were nothing compared to the “discipline” he received when Laszlo found out.

Sabre doubled down on his efforts to get back into Laszlo’s good graces and developed a plan to bring honor and power back to the Raithencor family name. Laszlo approved, giving Sabre command of a few soldiers. Shortly before the start of the novel, Sabre puts his plan in action.


To avoid spoilers, I must leave Sabre’s story here, but as a bonus, I’ve left some additional details below.

Age: 22

Height: 5’11”

Build: Slim but toned

Weight: 164 lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Chocolate brown

Personality: intelligent, cruel-hearted but secretly envious, hardened, looks for approval from his father-figure, desires revenge

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