Character Spotlight: Evan Mason

Day 5 of the A to Z Blog Challenge is here, and today’s topic is one of the male leads of my upcoming paranormal romance, Capturing the Wylde Wolf. Please keep in mind that I can only share so much information while avoiding spoilers, but you can find out more when the book releases!

Evan was born to a loving couple, but he would only come to learn about them through stories when he was older. When he was less than a year old, his parents were brutally murdered in their home. Fortunately, they managed to hide him when the intruders broke in, saving his life.

When the wolf-shifter infant was discovered, Evan’s Aunt Mariposa—his mother’s sister—took him in. She’d never had children of her own and had been thrilled to be an aunt, but when she had the opportunity to raise him as her own, she was over the moon.

From the very first day Evan came to live with her, she told him stories of his parents and made sure he knew how much they loved him. His Aunt Mari insisted on a solid education, but also emphasized self-care and personal experiences. Though they were on a budget, the pair took short vacations around the country to places that could serve as both educational and entertaining experiences.

Evan had no doubt that his birth mother would have been just as wonderful as his aunt. His father had apparently begun acting strangely shortly before Evan’s birth, and their marriage was strained up until their deaths, but Mari assured him they still loved each other—and him—through their final breaths.

Shortly after Evan graduated high school, Mari was killed right in front of him. He suffered his own injuries when trying to fight off the intruder, but the man escaped. As a shifter, his wounds healed quickly—all except his heart. Evan was devastated to lose the only family he’d ever known. Nearly convinced his family was cursed to die violent deaths, he fell into a depression that almost a year.

A family friend came to see Evan after Mari’s death, and stayed with him throughout his depression, guiding and supporting Evan the best he could.

When Evan was back on his feet, he decided to move in with his friends at the main Outagamie Pack house. The group was formed by self-labeled misfits who either didn’t have a pack of their own or simply felt they didn’t fit it. Most of the members were in their twenties and were split between two large houses on the property. The pack had started over fifty years earlier, and the land passed down through the years under a company maintained by older members.

Evan’s natural leadership abilities shined, though he never felt like a leader. Recently, the pack alpha had died in a brawl, and the pack elected Evan to take the position. He’d been reluctant at first, but eventually conceded when his friend, Olivia, convinced him that he was perfect for the role.


To avoid spoilers, I must leave Evan’s story here, but stay tuned for more character spotlights in the coming weeks. As a bonus, I’ve left some additional details below.

Age: 22

Height: 5’11”

Build: Athletic, toned

Weight: 178 lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Chocolate brown

Personality: Loyal, protective, kind-hearted, intelligent, fair, confident on the outside but has some self-doubt

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  1. Excellent character profile. I’m currently working on my 9th novel and for the first time I did character profiles. it was kind of fun in its own way.

    • Thank you! I don’t generally spend a great deal of time making in-depth character profiles, but fleshing it out in writing for others here really helped clarify and solidify things for me. I even had an epiphany when working on some of these profiles for the blog, so I’m pleased!

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