Character Spotlight: Arlo Weston

Welcome to Day 1 of the A to Z Blog Challenge!

For the letter A, we’re going to get to know Arlo.

Today, I’m going to delve into one of the side characters in my upcoming paranormal romance novel, Capturing the Wylde Wolf. Keep in mind that I can only share so much without running into spoilers, so you will just have to read the book to find out more!

To the very few people alive who know of Arlo Weston’s existence, he is an enigma. Even fewer people known his true story.

Arlo is half bear shifter and half vampire – a hybrid in a time where hybrids are feared and put to death the moment anyone becomes aware of their existence . . . sometimes before they are even born. Because of this, inter-species relationships are frowned upon, but you can’t help who you love.

Arlo’s mother, Taliya Weston grew up in the Gallatin Clan, a relatively isolated group in Montana. From a young age, she was stubborn and often bucked the system, so it was little surprise when she came of age and announced that she would be leaving to see the world. Eight months later, she was living in Las Vegas, pregnant with the charming vampire she was dating.

Unfortunately, the vampire turned out to be married, and his wife didn’t take finding out about the affair particularly well. Arlo was put up for adoption shortly after his birth, where he had a challenging childhood in a less than loving home. When he was fifteen, Arlo ran away from home to learn more about his birth mother, but by the time he’d tracked her down, he discovered that she was dead.

Many years later, Arlo fell for a married shifter woman, and though she reciprocated his feelings and her husband had grown distant, she still loved the man she married. Having learned about his own parents, the last thing he wanted to do was break up a marriage. He moved away from the woman to keep from doing something regrettable, essentially disappearing into the shadows. Only one person knew where he was, and when she called him in a panic several months later, Arlo raced to her aid.

To avoid spoilers, I must leave Arlo’s story here. However, I am including a very brief profile for him below. Stick around for future A to Z Blog Challenge posts throughout April, several of which will spotlight other characters from the book, while others will talk about the paranormal genre.

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’3″

Build: Athletic with broad shoulders

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Skin tone: Light brown

Personality: Guarded, kind but doesn’t show much emotion, controlled, loyal

As a surprise for all you blog readers, I’ll let you in on a little secret in progress. As a reader magnet, I will be offering a free short story about Arlo’s missed chance at love with the wolf shifter! So stayed tuned for this story once it’s completed and my email list is up and running.

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